Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fix GTA IV DD3D30 FATAL ERROR problem !

GTA IV, a very popular game has problems. One of them is the DD3D30 error which ones get sometime. But it can be fixed. And after reading this post you can surely will.

I brought GTA IV a few days ago, installed it but it showed an error !
Now, it doesn't mean re-installing the entire game but rebooting the computer. But before rebooting, you must do this.
Goto Screen Resolution>Display>125% medium (select) Reboot.
Done ! It would work now. Fine. For additional information, email me.

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  1. hey brother i bought gta 4 some few days ago now after installing it when i click play after proceesing a while it shows black c program tab after it exactly .it shows gta 4 fatal error like this exactly = GTA 4 FATAL ERROR:DD3D30 and nothin else

  2. if it is showing DD3D30 the method above is most recommened as I have seen on other websites........

  3. Now where can I find screen resolution > display?