Thursday, September 8, 2011

Create a mobile site for blogger blog !

Smart-phone have created a whole range of users who love to access websites/resource(s) with their s-phones.
Whenever anyone visits a blog on their mobile, 97% they would be on the web-page designed on PC for PC-users.
That would :-
1.)  increase loading speed
2.) decrease avg. time per visit
3.) cause more data-charges to the visitor

To overcome this, blogger has come up with an innovative method. A mobile site for your (blogger) blog. Before starting, I would like you all to pre-view what your mobile site would look like. [..preview..]

How to begin ?
Note this service is still in draft so you have to access it through draft.blogger.
Draft Blogger is the same as the normal blogger but it contains many features and services that are still in draft (or not released).

Click on image to en-large

After following the above steps, you would have your mobile website ready and functioning.
When-ever any user visits from his/her mobile, they would be re-directed to this mobile template. It would decrease your site(s) loading time thus increasing avg. time per visit

This post is written by:Somanshu Srivastava

Hello, I am Somanshu Srivastava, the creator and the founder of this blog. I have e been blogging since 2007. I reside in India. Currently surviving high school, I like blogging, website designing, website developing.


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