Sunday, September 11, 2011

An username for your FaceBook page

Facebook Pages are just awesome. They are so easy to use, so little effort goes into it and in return we get to build our own fan-base. But one thing erring is that the URL a facebook page gets is quite long.
For example:-
It is quite difficult to remember and in turn slows the sharing rate. But even now that can be overcome by this simple "built-in" method. 
Facebook provides for naming your Facebook account and pages [if any]. And the process is quite easy to.

Steps :-
Login to your facebook account. 
Then goto
You will get something like this :-

Then select the name of the page you want and after that check availability. Done !
You can use this method to change your profile URL.
If you profile url is like this[some-number]
Then you can change your facebook profile address too. Just select the username [you will see it instead of Your Username is already set ].
This username is quite easy to remember and can be shared easily. If you have any problem or any query, please use the comment system below.


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